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>Kaizen Masterclass For the Aspirational Entrepreneur

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The shocking reality is around 80-90% of all start-ups fail within the first 12 months, even more shocking the number one reason for failure has, is and will be, poor cashflow management. This is not news ,we have known this is the primary cause for at least the last 100 years. Yet despite the thousands of books, videos, blogs, podcasts produced in this subject it remains a fact. Shocking I know but thats not the worst of it! Looking at the 5% who survive year one, a further 95% cease trading within the first 3-5 years.

Depressed yet? Don’t be there is a solution, simply by Joining the >Kaizen Masterclass you have taken the step the vast majority miss reaching out for support at this initial stage. Just this single choice given you a 99.9% of avoiding being another business statistic. The devil is in the detail and the eagle amongst you will of spotted the subtle change of wording we deliberately used 90% FAIL in year, of the survivors a further 95% CEASE trading. Only a single change of woiird but to highly powerful learning opportunities. While failure can be attributed to cashflow in years one those who subsequently cease trading do so for many reasons most of which are nothing to do with failure.

The >Kaizen toolset underpin every masterclass we offer as it underpins success in every aspect of business and life. Ever noticed how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and wonder why? We’ve got a full course or two on that here lets keep it simple and say success leaves its clues and the stuff that defines who we are and what we become are defined by the habits we exhibit. Using Neural, Kinaesthetic, Pattening (NKP) we help you deliver the most powerful and successful habits that you can apply to any idea or methodology to 10X your results.

You see the biggest problem is right at the beginning of your business journey what you really need is quality support. Not a business coach who leaves the decision up to you, but a top-notch consultant whose played the game, bought the t-shirt, cut his teeth etc etc. Bottom line, chances are you need every penny you currently have to get your business going so can’t spend £750+ a day for a consultant, even the average UK fee for a business coach of around £50-£60 per hour seems a step to far.

Over the last 15 years our founders have delivered over 10,000 hours of 1:1 coaching, 10:000+ hours in seminars and invested £100 000+ in their own CPD with the worlds best trainers and the development of the >Kaizen toolset. In addition we’ve directly helped launched over 350+ start-up businesses in the UK alone. The >Kaizen Masterclass is designed for you the ambitious yet frustrated entrepreneur to help you outthink, out compete and outsell whatever your market or niche. While we know we’re the market leader that’s simple not enough we wanted to make it an absolute ‘no-brainner’ decision. For £25 per month you get access to the >Kaizen Masterclass containing more then 20 courses from finance to digital marketing, from public speaking to email marketing and everything you require to be an outstanding business success. Plus the >Kaizen Digital Tool Set utilising NKP that enabled the most dysfunctional establish the habits of success. Still we didn’t think this was enough so we decided to provide a live monthly group training session with a >kaizen approved trainer worth £125 per hour.